Natural Wood Siding With 30×40 Design Workshop


Here is a great article by Eric Reinholdt at 30×40 Design Workshop regarding the beauty and responsibility of letting wood be what it wants to be. He maintains a rational, sustainable perspective stating that:

Rejecting this unending cycle of maintenance and accepting weathering as part of a home’s design aesthetic makes good environmental, economic and design sense.

The idea of letting materials “wear in” requires one to suspend their traditional notions of beauty and nobility in architecture and design. What comes to mind when you think of these concepts? Are we too accustomed to “day 1” photography and flashy magazine imagery? Would you or have you specified this process in your projects? Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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2 responses to “Natural Wood Siding With 30×40 Design Workshop”

  1. Eric Reinholdt says :

    Thanks for sharing my article Mike + Steph and adding your thoughts, I really appreciate it! I find many clients are willing to embrace the worn-in, wabi-sabi aesthetic when viewed through the lens of ‘historical charm’ – a weathered cape for example, or the Pantheon. They tend to be much more reticent to accept it as part of a long-term weathering process on their own structures where the prevailing mindset is to keep it ‘day 1’ new for as long as possible. Building those richly figured patinas on structures not only takes time but also a willingness to endure the aesthetically messy parts of weathering. When it’s part of a larger architectural concept that integrates material weathering I find it’s a much easier sell. It doesn’t hurt to mention the maintenance free and sustainable benefits either.


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