100% Renewable Energy With The Click Of A Button


What if everyone could make 1 simple change in their personal habits that would, as a whole, benefit a larger population? First, we instinctively ask ourselves the question (no matter how large our green flag may be): what do I have to give up to make this happen? And if ultimately we can manage the risk, we may accept the proposition. This is the challenge for today’s green energy suppliers. In order to make it convenient for a large group of people, they need to make it competitive with larger corporations. What if you were told it would only end up costing you between $3-5 a month extra to have your electricity provided by 100% renewable energy? Cory, a representative of Green Mountain Energy, offered this option to us this weekend.

Green Mountain Energy is a competitor to our local NYC energy supplier, Con Edison. You can simply sign up for this renewable energy credit (“service” continues through Con Ed), and your bill will  reflect  Green Mountain Energy’s renewable energy source as your “supplier.” This means the energy from the grid allocated for your use is offset 100% from a pollution-free, renewable source like wind. The rates are based on Kilowatt/hour and vary over the months; at times Green Mountain Energy might be less expensive than Con Ed, and sometimes it may be more expensive.  The variation is based on how much wind energy the company harvests that month verses peak and off-peak loads.

The company practices what they preach. Their headquarters is located in Austin, Texas in a LEED Platinum office space. All of the energy used by the company is 100% renewable and they claim to be almost completely carbon neutral.  They have been supplying green energy for over 15 years across the US. Many large companies (Herman Miller) and buildings (the Empire State Building) use their services.

The benefits of offsetting your energy use with a renewable source are exponential. Renewable energy is energy generated with wind power, hydro power or solar power which means zero pollution. Non-renewable energy, provided by carriers like Con Ed, are generated with natural gas, nuclear power, coal or petroleum. By offseting your energy use, you minimize the amount of energy that has to be generated by non-renewable sources.


All of these benefits have a cost associated with them, a minor one: $3-5 a month. Would you make the simple change for renewable energy?

Here’s a link to their website, which (of course) is powered by 100% wind energy:  https://www.greenmountainenergy.com/ 

This is pretty cool too, simplified, clear and concise: https://www.greenmountainenergy.com/why-green/renewable-energy-101/



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