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100% Renewable Energy With The Click Of A Button


What if everyone could make 1 simple change in their personal habits that would, as a whole, benefit a larger population? First, we instinctively ask ourselves the question (no matter how large our green flag may be): what do I have to give up to make this happen? And if ultimately we can manage the risk, we may accept the proposition. This is the challenge for today’s green energy suppliers. In order to make it convenient for a large group of people, they need to make it competitive with larger corporations. What if you were told it would only end up costing you between $3-5 a month extra to have your electricity provided by 100% renewable energy? Cory, a representative of Green Mountain Energy, offered this option to us this weekend.

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Portable Solar-Powered Window Socket

We are entering into one of the most interesting periods in human history. Our generation will be remembered as having created strong survival strategies generated by a growing sense of responsibility.

Inhabitat recently posted an electrical outlet that can attach to your window, check it out here. What do you think? Is this what we can expect for future DIY energy?




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